Far end of the milkyway


A small one-street village in the open landscape of East Germany, marked by the political changes of the past decade and long forgotten by the rest of society.

FAR END OF THE MILKY WAY (aka RANDLAND) is a trip to the periphery of society. How do people like Maxe the farmer, mother-of-five Gabi or technician Harry, who dreams of travelling to Norway’s North Cape in his camper van and experiencing one white night there, actually live?

Wealth and jobs are scarce around here, but people want to stay regardless. With stubbornness and a sense of humour, they make the best of their situation.

FAR END OF THE MILKY WAY is a film about work and love, your garden as your pub, ashes in the snow and slaughtering pigs…

Documentary by: Leopold Grün & Dirk Uhlig
Year of Production: 2012
Writer: Leopold Grün & Dirk Uhlig
Producers: Benny Drechsel, Karsten Stöter
Production Company: Rohfilm (GER)
German Distributor: Neue Visionen Filmverleih
Supported by: Beauftragter der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM), Filmbüro MV, German Federal Film Board (FFA), Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB)
Development supported by: DEFA Foundation, FFA German Federal Film Board, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB)
Budget: 280.000 €
Language: German