A Mysterious World

Feature Film

Boris is stunned when his girlfriend Ana asks for some time apart. He doesn´t know why and she can´t explain it. Some time can mean so many things. How much time apart? A week, a month, years? During this imprecise period of uncertainty, Boris is left at the mercy of chance. His life transforms into an erratic urban journey: moving into a transient hotel, buying a temperamental communist-era car, meeting up with a long-lost classmate, random encounters with other women and repeatedly trying to get back together with Ana. By the director of EL CUSTODIO.

Feature film by: Rodrigo Moreno
Argentina, Uruguay, Germany
Year of Production: 2011
Writer: Rodrigo Moreno
Producers: Hernan Musaluppi, Benny Drechsel, Karsten Stöter
Production Companies: Rizoma Films (ARG), Rohfilm (GER), Control Z (URG)
Supported by: INCAA, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Vision Sud Est
Budget: 800.000 €
Language: Spanish
Location: Argentina, Uruguay