Feature Film

When love of her life Boris (44), a lorry driver with a strong and captivating personality, gets killed in an accident Nina (36) finds out that he’s been leading a double life all along. As it turns out, during their relationship of ten years, he was married to someone else and had a second family. The shock of both the sudden lost and long-lasting deceit causes her to lose her balance.

Feature film by: Sacha Polak
Germany, The Netherlands
Year of Production: 2013
Cast: Wende Snijders, Sascha Alexander Gersak
Writer: Helena van der Meulen
Producers: Marleen Slot, Karsten Stöter, Benny Drechsel, Dries Phlypo
Production companies: Viking Film (NL), Rohfilm (GER), A Private View (BE)
Supported by: Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM), VAF Film Fonds, Netherlands Film Fund, NTR, CoBo Fund, Cineart
Language: Dutch, German
Budget: 2,0 Mio. €
German Distributor: Zorro Film