Feature Film

It ́s a political and poetic portrait of the daily life of a low class woman who plays the rol of a cleaning woman.
Ramona lives in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. Every day she travels four hours and a half to reach her job and come back to her home.
She divides her working time between two upper middle-class homes where she receives the name of Réimon, a sound that evokes the English language, a Buenos Aires upper- class snobbish custom.
It ́s fiction and it ́s not. It ́s also a film about the labour conditions of a worker, about the time this worker uses for working and the efforts that implies working. It ́s also about the absurdness of cleaning someone else ́s house, the absurdness of modern life and the differences between social classes.

Feature film by: Rodrigo Moreno
Argentinia, Germany
Year of Production: 2014
Writer: Rodrigo Moreno
Producers: Rodrigo Moreno, Benny Drechsel, Karsten Stöter
Production Companies: Compañía Amateur (ARG), Rohfilm (GER)
Supported by: Hubert Bals Fund, Riviera Maya Film Lab, Universidad del Cine
Language: Spanish
Location: Argentinia
Sales: Compañía Amateur (ARG)

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